Full Name
Vicken Soghomonian
Job Title
Euro Car Parts
Speaker Bio
Vic has been at the helm of ASV Euro Car Parts since 2014.
With a passion for business management and implementing efficiencies, Vic brings vast experience to the team having worked in all areas of ASV Euro Car Parts since 1981.
Since taking on the role of CEO, ASV has opened 6 new branches across Australia and expanded from a primarily recycled and reconditioned European parts business into the largest European Automotive Parts businesses in Australia. This was done with the introduction of a new division in new and OEM parts.
With his lifelong experience comes a CEO who knows his business inside and out and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.
From buying wrecking cars at auction to networking and brokering deals with the leading global brands – Vic is hands on in every level of the automotive recycling industry. Upon occasion you may even find him driving a forklift in one of the yards.
Vicken Soghomonian