Full Name
Danny Armstrong
Job Title
SW Director of International Business
SW Accountants & Advisors
Speaker Bio
Danny’s career spans over 40 years and a number of senior roles in financial services, including living and working in Asia for 10 years.

He spent five years as General Director and Country Head for the Commonwealth Bank in Vietnam, leading the team that licensed and operationalised the bank there. He subsequently joined the National Australia Bank as General Manager and Country Head, China Banking, where he spent over five years leading the team that licenced and operationalised NAB on the China mainland.

In both Vietnam and China, he served as a Director on the Board of their respective Australian Chambers of Commerce. In China he also served as Treasurer and Deputy Chair of the Shanghai Chamber and Chaired the Chamber’s Financial Services industry committee. His sector focus lies in financial services and agribusiness / food and his lived experience in Asia provides valuable insights for clients seeking to trade and invest cross-border.

On returning to Australia, Danny spent time at Oliver Hume Property Funds as General Manager International prior to joining SW as Managing Director from October 2017 to December 2021. He now leads the firm’s Banking & Finance and International Business practice.

Danny is a Partner of ShineWing Australia and a Director of ShineWing Australia Pty Ltd.
Danny Armstrong