Full Name
Carina Anderson
Job Title
Head of Strategic Partnerships & Optimisation
Naked Wines
Speaker Bio
Carina Anderson is the Head of Strategic Partnerships & Optimisation at Naked Wines Australia, responsible for driving growth and innovation. She uses a forward-thinking, customer-led approach to enhance partner brands by creating mutually beneficial partnerships. She is an adaptable, problem solver, and dedicated team player that flourishes in rapid growth environments getting energy from building solutions and furthering the business's growth. With a focus on improving organizational processes, quality, productivity, and efficiency, she also leads the growth team within the Naked Wines business.

Since 2012, Naked Wines has been connecting everyday wine drinkers with the best independent winemakers from around Australia and New Zealand. Breaking ground in the wine industry, Naked Wines has a unique business model to ensure the value gets reinvested where it should - in the hands of the local farmers and winemakers, and in the pockets of Angel members!

Working with Naked Wines for over 7 years, Carina has lead the growth of the company from 30,000 loyal engaged “Angel” members to seeing this number exceed 130,000 in 2021.
Carina Anderson